Poptropica Mythology Island Gods Test Answers

To pass the gods name test on poptropica on mythology island you must first know all the names of the gods. Poptropica is safe again thanks to you.

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She ll give you a special mirror that you.

Poptropica mythology island gods test answers. This is pretty much spelled out in part 3 of the videos for my poptropica mythology island walkthrough but a lot of people are commenting about having problems with aphrodite s quiz about the different gods. Mythology island walkthrough poptropica cheats guides. That could be a big part of why he s such a sourpuss.

The answers are ares hermes aphrodite herself artemis and hestia. The first one is ares next is hermes then aphrodite then artemis and finally hestia. What are the answers for the test on mythology island.

Here is a short video clip of somebody completing the gods name test. We also get to meet hades god of the underworld who was never really invited to the party up on mt. The gods on aphrodite s test are ares hermes aphrodite artemis and hestia.

On the beach in the realm of poseidon aphrodite will test your knowledge of the greek gods and goddesses. Athena will let you keep your items for immortality and give you the island medallion. The names of the gods you need to know to pass the god name test are.

You also find aphrodite the goddess sister of athena use your memory to identify five gods and goddesses on aphrodite s test. What are the names of the gods in the test on mythology island. The answers are ares hermes aphrodite artemis and hestia.

You can press spacebar while wearing the crown and trident in multiplayer rooms to turn into a god and impress others. The answers are ares hermes aphrodite artemis and hestia. In poptropica s mythology island we get to meet several of the greek gods specifically the gods that commonly make up the twelve olympians.

To start mythology island you first have to do something before entering the underworld in which hades rules. If you re in problem with the short quiz that aphrodite will give you in the game then i suggest that you enter the museum of olympus in main street first before taking her test. When you go to poseidon s domain you ll find aphrodite on the beach.

Since i ve been getting a lot of this mythology gods name poptropica searches in my blog i decided to make this post. She gives you a test where you have to identify which god it is. Also chek out my greek god info pages for info on all the main greek gods.

On the beach in the realm of poseidon aphrodite tests your knowledge of the gods of greek mythology 14 in the museum of olympus.

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