Poptrickia Mythology

6 temple of poseidon. Info page on zeus.

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9 uprising against zeus.

Poptrickia mythology. He is the ruler of the heavens and is often known as the thunder god. It was originally released in april 2010. Then jump on the mushrooms.

3 the apple of immortality. 7 temple of hades. Mythology island was first released in the flash version of poptropica on april 1 2010 for members and april 29 2010 for non members.

Take a step back in time to ancient greece and experience the fury of the greek gods and goddesses. The new version has some differences compared with the classic we ll get into more details below but for now if you need a refresher our old mythology island guide can still help you through. This page is part of the info pages on the gods of mythology island.

Your adventure begins at the museum of olympus where a feud has erupted between zeus poseidon and hades. Climb the snake s tail to your right then go left to climb the snake s neck. It was re released as a sui sound updated island with music and a bigger screen on april 25 2014 for members and may 3 2014 for everyone.

1 museum of olympus. Mythology is widely regarded as poptropica s most popular islands so it s no wonder this classic was one of the first to be remade with sound in april 2014. A remastered version of mythology island is now on haxe for all players not just members.

The message is whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of poptropica now zeus arrives and he betrays you. Welcome to mythology island which debuted on poptropica in 2010. 8 tree of immortality.

He is most famous for his powerful thunderbolts and ancient greeks. He takes all of the items you found for himself and says that by midnight all of poptropica will fall under his rule. Jump on the spot with honey above the snake s head.

Mythology island full walkthrough roblox videos. Hey poptropicans big pop drop this weekend. She will help you unscramble the special message that the five items contain.

2 grove of temples. Go right across the coiled snake body and jump up to the branch on your right. It is not written by me but some of it is edited by me zeus is the most powerful god of all.

Land on its head.

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