Poptropica Survival Island Flint

Next to the cave entrance is a sparkling piece of flint for you to take. The story follows your sudden crash landing on a strange island your immediate need to seek warmth food and shelter and then some unsettling discoveries about who lives on this island.

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I hope the video and written walkthroughs help you get through the island quickly.

Poptropica survival island flint. Here is the cheats walkthrough guide for survival islands episode 2 hook line sinker. Hello and welcome to poptropica tips for poptropicans ptfp an official poptropica fansite. With survival island comes a downloadable poster and wallpaper.

The cave with drop flint which you might already have. It is the first island to be released episodically meaning that new chapters episodes will be released over time so that we won t have to wait so long for a new poptropica adventure. There will be a thermometer to the bottom left of your screen showing your body temperature.

In survival island episode 1 crash landing you have crashed onto an island and night is falling quickly. Afterwards you are given your objective to survive by building a campfire. Click the backpack to release the straps holding you.

Connect with poptropica guru. A cut scene starts showing your blimp in the midst of a thunder storm. Run all the way left to the cliff and put on the mittens.

Yes there is a bear. Jump across and the back of the cave will be lit. Survival island is the first episodic island released by poptropica.

It was the first island to be released in parts or episodes the first episode was released on march 20 for members and april 17th for non members. Mocktropica island walkthrough cheats how to beat it. Feel free to print them or use them for your phone or desktop.

Click on the ax to pull out the ax handle then run to the rightmost area. Survival island is the 39thisland on poptropica. It will roll down revealing a hole and something shiny.

Poptropica survival island episode 1 crash landing cheats walkthrough video. It s struck by lightning and crashes. 1 plot synopsis 1 1 from poptropica.

Keep moving to keep yourself from. That is a rock you need to jump on so you won t wake the bear. The first episode crash landing was released to members on march 20 2014 and april 17 2014 for everyone.

On the ground you will find a flint. Pick up the shiny flint and walk to the cave and enter. Instead of arriving all at once it was released in five separate episodes.

We feature island guides news coming. Survival island cheats episode. There are five parts or episodes in total to complete.

Equip the ax handle and click on the round boulder. There will be one last material you need to start your fire. This is the 2nd episode of 5 in one of poptropica s biggest islands.

Survival island is poptropica s 38th island. Early poptropica shark tooth island big nate island and 24 carrots island are the easiest poptropica islands to beat. Go into the cave but watch where the water drops.

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