Poptropica Mythology Island Walkthrough

Walk to the right and get the starfish off of poseidon s statue. When you first arrive in this island you find yourself in ancient greece walk to your left and keep going until you see an old women talk to her then proceed left.

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When beginning on mythology island you will arrive via your balloon at olympus village which is also the main street section for mythology island.

Poptropica mythology island walkthrough. There you will briefly learn the story of zeus poseidon and hades. Pull up the touchscreen mirror again and this time tap on the purple part with the trident to get to poseidon s temple. It was released on april 1 2010 for members and april 29 2010 for non members.

If you d like click each statue to learn a bit about each of the main gods. Mythology island is the 12th island of poptropica. Return to main street and go left.

Mythology island is poptropica s 12th island. When you get to the branches go to the right jump on the snake go to the left don t climb the honey bounce up using the mushrooms climb up the sleeping snake to the highest branch you can go to the right and meet the satyr. Mythology island walkthrough poptropica cheats guides.

There are many puzzles and difficult obstacles to overcome. Climb up the stairs to the tree. In this island you have to stop zeus from taking over poptropica.

It was re released as a sui sound updated island with music and a bigger screen on april 25 2014 for members and may 3 2014 for everyone. Follow this walkthrough step by step to beat the island and win the medallion. To start mythology island you first have to do something before entering the underworld in which hades rules.

It opened to early access by poptropica monthly members on april 1 2010 and to free general use on april 29 2010. Talk to poseidon and he ll give you poseidon s trident. While going through the mythology island walkthrough you will have to solve some very tough puzzles as well as battle zeus in the end of the island which is also pretty tough.

Here are all the cheats for mythology island on poptropica. When you land on mythology island enter the museum of olympus on your left. Swim on over and head inside.

The first this you should do is to walk inside the museum of olympus. Written walkthrough mortals beware. The following solution contains spoilers for the island.

Hercules will stamp his foot on a slab of stone opening up the path to poseidon s throne room. When you first arrive. Once you go inside you ll see a short story about the gods and how they defeated the titans for control of olympus.

Mythology island is one of the most popular islands in the game but also one of the most difficult to complete. The object of the island is to collect 5 valuable items in exchange for which zeus says he will grant you immortality.

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