How To Add Friends On Poptropica Mobile

In 2019 it was revamped with an entire new layout. A menu will pop up and you can select the option to add them as your friend.

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The only thing that will make me feel a bit bad is that if i make friends with more others and they turn out to also play poptropica i can t add them as a friend can you add another way to get friends easier but it s still a pretty cool update.

How to add friends on poptropica mobile. The arcade is all the way on the right side of home island just past the ladder that brings you up to realms. Select a character who has clothing that you want to add to your outfit. The friends page is your hub for all things social in poptropica.

All your poptropica items and islands now on mobile or tablet. Add friends on poptropica friends page. Online accounts accessible on browser and mobile can only be friended by username on the old browser friends page.

You can see how many medallions you ve got your friends your costumes and a whole lot of other custom stuff. You ll be able to view their profile. In the friends window that pops up click the icon to the side.

How to add friends on poptropica. Old poptropica friend list was the best but i will also try hard to be very fine with changes that is what i always work hard on. 1 go to your profile and go to the personality page or friends page on the top right corner of the screen 2 click on the little plus sign also on the top right corner of the screen 3 type the username not the avatar name of the friend you want to add and click ok.

More posts from the poptropica community 21. You can get to your profile by clicking the menu then clicking that waving poptropican that says friends when you hover over it. Type in the username of the friend you want to add.

That will add the look to your closet. Download the app today from apple google play or the amazon app store. On your personality profile select one of your friends from your list.

It was announced april 6 2012 and released on may 1 2012. Click the green button showing a hanger with a plus symbol. When you see a poptropican you want to be friends with just click on em.

You can also costumize from your friends. Poptropica friends is a featureon poptropica. If you wanna add your irl friends too you can make plans to meet each other in the.

Select the items that you want to wear. Friending personality quiz questions photo album need paidmembership for full viewing battle status country costume closet needs paidmembership list of medallions poptropolis games tribe quiz results what you answered add a photo to. Click on the menu in the top corner then click the friends icon.

If this is your first time you ll automatically be asked who you want to add.

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