Poptropica Greek Gods Walkthrough

In poptropica s mythology island we get to meet several of the greek gods specifically the gods that commonly make up the twelve olympians. Use it to boost.

How To Get The Golden Apple In Poptropica

Once you receive the mirror head left and down into the ocean.

Poptropica greek gods walkthrough. Mythology island was first released in the flash version of poptropica on april 1 2010 for members and april 29 2010 for non members. Run to the right and give your greek coin to the trader. He will give you a bag of wind.

A little cutscene will play introducing the feud between the main gods. Poptropica mythology island gods and goddesses june 12 2010 at 2 40 pm posted in 1 20 comments. If you d like click each statue to learn a bit about each of the main gods.

Walkthrough written by slanted fish special thanks to. She will quiz you on greek gods but once you answer all the questions correctly you will receive a touchscreen mirror. This guide walks you through the entire island step by step.

Written walkthrough mortals beware. Lone bones brave tomato super thunder happy fang graser10. I will walk you through it and i also have placed a video on here for you to check out in case you get confused.

Have fun and good luck. While going through the mythology island walkthrough you will have to solve some very tough puzzles as well as battle zeus in the end of the island which is also pretty tough. We also get to meet hades god of the underworld who was never really invited to the party up on mt.

If you re in problem with the short quiz that aphrodite will give you in the game then i suggest that you enter the. Walk to the right and get the starfish off of poseidon s statue. First follow the bulleted walkthrough list below and then make sure to watch the video.

Zeus poseidon and hades. Walk up to cerberus but don t get to close. It was re released as a sui sound updated island with music and a bigger screen on april 25 2014 for members and may 3 2014 for everyone.

Welcome to mythology island land of the greek gods and goddesses. Ares hermes aphrodite artemis hestia apollo. Mythology island walkthrough poptropica cheats guides.

Complete written mythology island walkthrough. There you will briefly learn the story of zeus poseidon and hades. Here s the complete written walkthrough with all the poptropica cheats for mythology island if you re still having problems after watching the videos and reading the hard parts section.

The answers to the quiz is. When you land on mythology island enter the museum of olympus on your left. Enter the museum of olympus and head right.

Since i ve been getting a lot of this mythology gods name poptropica searches in my blog i decided to make this post. Beating cerberus on poptropica s mythology island is actually pretty simple. That could be a big part of why he s such a sourpuss.

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