Poptropica Cheats Arabian Nights Part 3

The login screen featured kids being chased by some of the forty thieves. This is the first episodal island to be released with a common room and is the first poptropican submitted island idea to be made into an island.

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Watch the full official video walkthrough for arabian nights episode 3 careful what you wish for by captain crawfish.

Poptropica cheats arabian nights part 3. The winner of poptropica s create your dream island contest comes to life. Poptropica arabain nights island cheats to start this island you will need to head all the way to the right until you get to what the towns people call the caves. Use the crafting table in the room and follow the formula.

The idea for arabian nights island came from the winner of the create your dream island contest about six months ago. Ii 2 parts borax. He wishes to smash anything he touches.

The creators of poptropica are following through on their word to create this island. Go all the way right back to the sanctum the room where you got the gunpowder and where the master thief is. The master thief wants to make her wish but the large henchman brutus smashes you and the master thief and makes his wish.

Arabian nights island is poptropica s 41st island and the first episode was released to members on october 2 2014. I 1 part viper skin. Journey to an ancient land of sultans thieves and a magical lamp with power beyond imagination.

This video contains spoilers so if y. Iii 3 part quicksilver. Head right to the merchant with the blue veil and trade her grain for the lamp.

This is where you are going to find the 40 thieves who have been stealing everything from the towns people. Good thing we ve collected all that. 3 for some more spoilers.

Arabian nights island announced 9 16 14. In the thieves hideout a genie comes out of the lamp. Arabian nights island has officially been announced on the creator s blog.

Find the merchant with the blue and green turban and trade him salt for grain. When you ve completed the island you can check what rank you finished at on the arabian nights world champions map grab your magic carpets and hop on for a whole new world. Credit goes to the phb for some of the pictures.

The genie grants the henchman s. Go down to the merchant with the camel and trade him grain for cloth. Return to the first merchant and trade with him once more.

In addition to the video if you re holding off on playing the island or are a non member you can also check out our behind the scenes post for arabian nights ep. The login screen featured kids being chased by some of the forty thieves.

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