Poptropica Time Tangled Goggles

It is located near the top right of the map. With your warrior headdress on he will give you goggles.

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That time period is the man with goggles and blue.

Poptropica time tangled goggles. These goggles must be returned to the time of mount everest 1953 ad 11 oclock in your time device give it to the man in blue hoodie near the tent at the top of the mount everest. Steer your blimp to time tangled island. 1953 ad part 1.

There are also little floating buttons all over the time periods that give facts and educational info about the place from fact monster. Use the time travel device to travel to mount everest 1953. Climb up the rope until you reach the yellow poptropica blimp.

When you are there go to the right and talk to her again. Okay but to get started you ll first have to find a time machine. You get to travel back in time and see people from as far back as 0328 bc on this island.

Open up your time device again and go back to mount everest 1953. In early poptropica island it is said that the pilgrims who were the first to settle in poptropica only settled in 1982 making this a continuity error. There is a sign you can also read.

Enter pendulum s lab and push the future machine plug in on the bottom floor. To get it from him you ll need to wear the warrior headdress from the retired warrior and talk to him. You can do these in any order.

Travel to time tangle island and talk to the crying women. Go left and talk to the guard near the long set of steps. Time tangled island is the first poptropica island to feature sound when you play the phonograph.

When you return the goggles to edmund hillary on mount everest 1953 ad that time period will be restored. In order to get them you will need a warrior mask which you can get from the old warrior at the third pyramid far right. When you get there however it looks pretty bad walk to the left and talk to the old version of yourself to figure out what the heck is going on and to get a cool time travel device.

Time tangled items here is a list of all the items that you can obtain in time tangled island. Talk to her and follow her into pendulum s lab. Poptropica cheats for time tangled island.

Get the statuette of liberty on the top of the peak. Enter the future machine and talk to the person that resembles your character on the left 4. Let s fix the future.

Give him the goggles and the time period will be repaired. Open the time device and travel to 1953. In time tangled island you need to travel between several different time periods in history and then locate and return items that have been accidentally sent to the wrong time.

The goggles are at the aztec temple 5 o clock 1519 ad. How to get the goggles. Go back to edmund hillary the man in the blue coat you met on mount everest see instructions above.

The goggles can be found being worn by one of the aztec guards in the aztec time period 1519 ad of time tangled island. When you arrive go to the right until you see a crying lady. The goggles is one of the missing items that you need to recover and return to the correct time period.