Poptropica Cheats Shrink Ray

When you first get to the island head to your right and enter the school building doors. Poptropica shrink ray island walkthrough.

Poptropica Cheats Walkthrough For Shrink Ray Island Gamecmd Island Shrink Cheating

When you ve arrived on shrink ray you ll slide down and jump on to a tire swing.

Poptropica cheats shrink ray. Solving the mystery of its disappearance all the while trying to find a way to bring yourself back to normal size is a daunting task for most but luckily for you we have outlined all the hints and cheats in poptropica shrink ray island in this comprehensive walkthrough. When you have entered the science fair head to your right. The poptropica shrink ray island cheats and tips occur organically as you go through the island subtly pushing you towards objectives in your quest.

Talk to her parents near the podium and they ll ask you to. Run to the left and hide behind objects to avoid the shrink ray. Hover your blimp over to what is soon going to be your next poptropica adventure shrink ray island.

Poptropica cheats for shrink ray island. Poptropica shrink ray island is the 20th island on poptropica. It arrived on june 30 for members and will be available to everyone else about a month later.

Once you enter the school building head to your right and enter the door that says science fair on it. Here s what the official poptropica island info page says about this new quest. Shrink ray island is the newest island in poptropica and was launched for members in early access on june 30 2011.

The science teacher mr. These will be the first set of doors you come to. You ll probably regret this but run right and into the school.

Jump up on the table with the globe to knock it down on the ground. Jump up on the table and hide behind the mirror. Keep going down the hall and into the science fair.

Walk right until you reach the science fair. In shrink ray island you are shrunk down to a tiny size and need to explore your surroundings while you try to locate a missing scientist and her shrink ray invention. You ll find a bunch of dumb inventions but c j the star student is missing.

In this island adventure the star science fair student has gone missing and you need to find out what happened. Silva is there too. Push the globe over next to the office chair and jump onto the chair.

Poptropica cheats for shrink ray island. Mr silva shoots the mirror with the shrink ray and shrinks himself.

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