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Hare is an evil scientist and inventor whose brain has been altered and fused with a rabbit s causing his obsession over carrots. He wears a tattered beige jacket along with a light blue shirt underneath and blue pants.

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Hare 6 3 2 dr.

Poptropica character blonde. Your choice of any lips. The outfit i m using with this post is tough girl and i found this vivid pink mouth on someone in a multi player area i think it was the hair club enjoy. Annabeth chase is one of my favorite characters in the percy jackson and the olympians and the heroes of olympus series by rick riordan.

All the bits and pieces for this costume are relatively easy to find but if you re too lazy to go through the trouble add me misshipster123pop as a friend and costumize my closet outfit. Storyline role on red dragon island. Flo has blonde hair tied in a high bun with a pink headband.

There is also a pitcher in her hand that contains. She also seems to be more adventurous than jack. Note that some parts may not be customizable.

Using my favorite hair style i m going to show some of my best colors. Flo works at the carrot king diner on 24 carrot island. Color your hair blonde and find a desired hair peice then use the bangs from the prom queen costume 75 credits lips.

These non player characters npcs already exist in game but perhaps their costumes will inspire yours or help you find a costume part you like. This is an outfit your poptropican female character will love. Hare is a man who s dressed up in a pink rabbit suit.

From the girl with the braid in reality tv island. 1 characteristics 1 1 personality 1 2 appearance 2 storyline flo seems to have a bit of a southern kind of style calling you honey and such. Hare plush toy 4 trivia 5 references dr.

Find a simple dress in a common room. Charlie bucket is one of the main protagonists on charlie and the chocolate factory island. Travel to and enter poseidon s castle.

1 characteristics 2 appearance 3 storyline 3 1 in the book 3 2 role on charlie and the chocolate factory island charlie bucket has messy blond hair and pale skin with bags underneath his eyes. These character reference sheets by poptropica artist nasan hardcastle are organized by island though not every island is featured. She also carries a microphone.

Customize the hair which is attached to the flowers from aphrodite. Starbuck has blonde hair that is tied into a ponytail. Some are simple some are a bit more complicated.

This costume is free and doesn t require membership. Annie has short blonde hair tied back into two pigtails. She wears a red shirt and blue pants and has a camera around her neck.

If you are a fan of greek mythology or of rick s works then this is the perfect costume for you. She wears a yellow shirt with a purple skirt and pants. Charlie bucket is a.

1 characteristics 1 1 appearance 2 storyline 2 1 role on 24 carrot island 2 2 role on reality tv island 2 3 role on super villain island 3 toy 3 1 dr. Use the one from the popstar costume 75 credits or find one on a random npc character dress. Annie is nicer to you than jack and welcomes you into their treehouse.

She wears red lipstick and her attire consists of a pink dress with a white apron. She is found in the ballroom on top of a chandelier. Follow the steps below to dress up like wise girl.

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