How Do You Restart An Island On Poptropica

It s a long process but unfortunately it s the best method available. Log in to poptropica 2.

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This is how you reset it.

How do you restart an island on poptropica. To restart an island on poptropica all you need to do is click map when you are on an island. Click return to your game on the left. It will open up the map of the island in the bottom left it should say restart island click on this.

If you ve already completed an island and earned that island s medallion never fear. Just visit the map screen on the island you want to restart and press the round restart island button in the bottom lefthand corner. Resetting an island on poptropica isn t complicated.

If you don t see it you can skip this step. Your adventure begins anew. To restart old islands you have to open the game menu click the settings icon in the corner agree to restart the island decline the prompt asking if you d like to leave the page and then agree to load the island s main street.

Now you can replay any poptropica island as much as you want. You won t lose it.

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