How Do You Beat Poptropica Pelican Rock

When you first get to the island head left until you pass the fruit stand and a little scene will play out where a thief runs past you. At the prison yard talk to the bird feeder and the pelican at the top right corner will leave its nest allowing you to grab its egg.

Poptropica Escape From Pelican Rock Full Walkthrough Youtube

There will be a third nest.

How do you beat poptropica pelican rock. Go left to the pot but use the cup of plaster to put it in. All you have to do is repeatedly click on the block. There are several caves on poptropica including shark tooth island you have to climb up the rock with the big crawling wormnabooti island diamond mine you have to blast the rock and the.

Yes this sneaky character looks exactly like you but with shoes. But we know this is a challenging island. If you need help getting through escape from pelican rock island use the official poptropica walkthrough video above.

Poptropica escape from pelican rock island walkthrough. Use your cup and pour the water into it. Now that s it s free for everyone to play on poptropica we hope you have.

Go back to where the pelican is pecking on the ground and pick up the leftover seeds. He she will then run off leaving you to be caught by the police who refuse to believe you ve just been framed. We ve also answered some of your more frequently asked.

Yes your own head. That s why we released the official walkthrough video on the official poptropica youtube channel where you can also see other walkthroughs and behind the scenes videos. Now head right into the next section where you will see the thief running.

It ll stiffen up into an inedible block. You ll be taken to pelican rock a high security island prison much like alcatraz where the worst offenders are sent. Then walk a bit left to the mound of dirt and use your seeds to plant them there.

Then climb up to one of the nests the one the bird flew from and gather the first egg. Click the bed and go to sleep. If the bird comes from the right climb up the steps that florian is lifting weights by and bounce up on top of the basketball hoop up to another building.

For help with some frequently asked questions about escape from pelican rock read on. You ll be let into the kitchen and assigned the duty of mixing the mashed potatoes. Welcome to pelican rock prison.

You will then yell to everyone that you will catch him. Have you made your way out of pelican rock prison yet. While your inside take the cup thats to the right and turn on the water in the sink.

You ll be outside when you wake up. We show you how to bust out of pelican rock prison step by step. Then you can use your sharpened spoon to carve it up into the shape of your head.

It will probably be the one down low.

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