Poptropica Walkthrough Survival

Night has fallen and the temperature is dropping. There are five parts or episodes in total to complete.

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It was the first island to be released in parts or episodes the first episode was released on march 20 for members and april 17th for non members.

Poptropica walkthrough survival. There will be a thermometer to the bottom left of your screen showing your body temperature. Cheats and walkthroughs for every poptropica island to date. Afterwards you are given your objective to survive by building a campfire.

Survival hook line and sinker walkthrough the full walkthrough cheats for survival island. Your mittens will give you a grip on the axe handle and you ll be able to pull it out. Hook line and sinker part 2 not including the bon.

It will break and you can pick up the fallen logs. Jump across branches to the right trying to stay high. Once you re on the snow move left and pick up the survival handbook.

Keep following the woodpecker until it reaches the branch where a squirrel is sitting. Drop down and run all the way right to disturb the squirrel. Crash landing 1 1 2 episode 2.

1 plot synopsis 1 1 from poptropica tours 1 1 1 episode 1. Follow the woodpecker s pecking sound or use the picture below to trace his path. At the last branch you ll see the poor squirrel jump off the branch.

Next climb the trees until you find a green parachute backpack hanging on a branch that s slightly out of reach. Each island guide below comes with a written walkthrough with pictures along with other fun extras like wallpapers trivia and more. Next hop up and scare the woodpecker away.

Poptropica is defined by its varied islands and quests each one a unique and brilliantly illustrated world. Here are all the details including the full walkthroughs and cheats for all five episodes of survival island in poptropica. You can t follow it from there so go all the way left and climb up the branches to where your blimp is.

Hook line and sinker 1 1 3 episode 3. Journal walkthroughs tricks stuff games contact walkthroughs. Jump onto the weak looking branch attached to the dead tree.

Now you ll be able to climb up to the the branch and continue to the right. Run to the left and grab the survival handbook. Keep moving to keep yourself from freezing.

Survival island is the 39thisland on poptropica. Survival island episode 1 crash landing. Alone in the forests of the yukon you must find a way to build a fire but time is running out.

Click the backpack to release the straps holding you. Jump up and pull the backpack handle down. Survival medium video.

Poptropica is filled with a variety of islands each one unique with its own stories and characters your mission is to help the citizens of each island solve their problems and save the day.

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