Poptropica Ninja Island

Poptropica a virtual world for kids to travel play games compete in head to head competition and communicate safely. Red dragon island is the 19th island in poptropica.

How To Get Through Poptropica Red Dragon Island By Garfieldqrxk On Deviantart

Use a ninja star to take out the light then use your rope to swing across the gap.

Poptropica ninja island. The outfit costs 75 credits so now is the time to finish up one of the poptropica islands or to buy some credits. The first four are nabooti island big nate island great pumpkin island and wimpy wonderland island. Red dragon island is poptropica s 19th island.

It was released on may 5 2011 for members and june 2 2011 for non members. Throw ninja stars at the two ropes holding the barriers and then throw a smoke bomb at the guard below. It will only be available in the poptropica store through august 23 2009.

Red dragon island officially magic tree house. The video description of the youtube video states a new island is. Throwing stars and smoke bombs for that matter from your perch high up on a wall can be the.

Kids can also read books comics and see movie clips while they play. This island s internal name is japan it is the fifth island that takes place in a different continuity than poptropica being part of an entirely different series. In the course of playing through red dragon island on poptropica your ninja training will teach you a few things.

Swing up to the next wooden door and go inside it. Drop down below and climb on the crate. Run past him and climb down to get the next key.

But a true ninja master will figure out that these moves can be combined. There was nothing that was an awesome unexpected surprise like on red dragon you get surprised or at least i was when you challenge a sumo wrestler and become a ninja. The title of the video for the preview is called kanji secret kanji is the characters that people use in japanese writing.

He s also holding the nunchuk handheld item which can be found on the ninja costume purchasable at the poptropica store. And how to throw a throwing star. As of july 10 2015 the island became locked to members only with a demo for non members.

Other notes for this account. Like how to wall jump. Since red dragon island took place in old japan it took place during the 1300s.

The midnight ninja is a costume available to all players. It s wearing the binary bard s jester clothing from astro knights island along with the half metal face red cyborg eye and huge grin. Those are the types of islands we need.

Here s a picture of me wearing the light ninja costume and prowling around spy island. My point is early poptropica islands were hard but the real spark was the fact that the islands were exciting and interesting.

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