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This article is a stub. Talk to hades and he will give you his crown.

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I decided to rise from the underworld and see how the new island is coming along.

Poptropica hades. It was originally released in april 2010. Land on its head. Obtaining it will give you power to fight zeus in the final battle for mythology island.

The second package that you must deliver for hermes is for hades. Mythology island was the 12th island on poptropica featuring greek gods and mythical creatures from greek mythology. How to get the hades crown.

You must catch 20 of the potions he throws. We don t exactly know what to do with the crown and trident yet but apparently we will know when the time comes. Take herc and travel to zeus realm.

Kids can also read books comics and see movie clips while they play. Mystery of the map poptropica graphic novel poptropica previews poptropica costumes poptropolis games comics virus hunter island new islands gold cards poptropicon shrink ray island tips and tricks early access islands of the month. Apollo was added in once the island updated once you name them she will give you a mirror that can transport you to the realms of the major gods lightning zeus trident poseidon heart aphrodite skull hades.

Please help poptropica wiki by expanding it adding pictures and improving existing text. Mythology is widely regarded as poptropica s most popular islands so it s no wonder this classic was one of the first to be remade with sound in april 2014. You must go across the river styx and go to hades domain in which you find that cerberus is sick and hades is going to make a potion to cure him but needs your help.

Ares hermes aphrodite artemis hestia and apollo. Then jump on the mushrooms. Role on poptropica adventures.

The hades crown allows you to grow to a huge size like a god and not just an ordinary mortal. Next go to hades realm. Climb the snake s tail to your right then go left to climb the snake s neck.

She will give you a test where you must name some gods. Hades in da howwwooossss. Go right across the coiled snake body and jump up to the branch on your right.

In greek mythology hades is the god of the underworld and the brother of zeus and poseidon. It is quite helpful. Herc will move the bolder away from the throne room door and you can go inside.

His username is hadescreator1. Jump on the spot with honey above the snake s head. 1 synopsis 2 walkthrough 2 1 museum of olympus 2 2 grove of temples 2 3 the apple of immortality 2 4 aqueducts 2 5 the labyrinth 2 6 temple of hades 2 7 temple of poseidon 2 8 tree of immortality 2 9 uprising against zeus 3 gallery 4 common room 5 glitches 6 trivia 7 videos.

Poptropica a virtual world for kids to travel play games compete in head to head competition and communicate safely. You need to asked hercules to help you with your fight with zeus.

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