Poptropica Gods Names

What does the name finley mean. Ares hermes aphrodite artemis hestia and apollo.

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Some of these gods appear elsewhere in mythology island including of course the big z himself zeus the almighty.

Poptropica gods names. To pass the gods name test on poptropica on mythology island you must first know all the names of the gods. The player meets mythical gods and creatures and must locate five items for zeus in a quest for immortality. Where do you use the golden drachma in mythology in poptropica.

It is quite helpful. And by the way that s my character. Apollo was added in once the island updated once you name them she will give you a mirror that can transport you to the realms of the major gods lightning zeus trident poseidon heart aphrodite skull hades.

Zeus poseidon hades aphrodite hermes ares hera athena hercules hercules is technically not a god but he is immortal. What does the name emory mean. Mythology is widely regarded as poptropica s most popular islands so it s no wonder this classic was one of the first to be remade with sound in april 2014.

My name in poptropica is busy leopard demeter and hera. The names of the gods you need to know to pass the god name test are. These include aphrodite athena poseidon zeus and hades.

Mythology island was the twelfth island released on poptropica. Here is a short video clip of somebody completing the gods name test. All the gods and goddess on poptropica are zeus poseidon hades athena aphrodite.

Sadly the rest are relegated to statues in the museum. The gods and goddesses on poptropica are. What does the name dumas mean.

It was originally released in april 2010. First you ll see the statue of the goddess of agriculture demeter left and the queen of the immortals hera right. The villain zeus reappears in the final battle of super villain island and the fight is similar to that of mythology island.

How do you get past the quiz of the. Hee hee i copied aphrodite s dress. How do you find the hydra scale on mythology island for poptropica.

It features the gods from greek mythology such as zeus and aphrodite. Including statues apollo hermes hephaestus s aphrodite athena zeus poseidon hades artemis hestia ares. On poptropica what is the gods name that the lady asks you to tell her.

Mythology island is inspired by greek mythology with gods such as athena zeus poseidon and creatures such as satyrs and minotaur. However zeus cannot be trusted as he plans to rule all of poptropica. She will give you a test where you must name some gods.

Scroll down for the written illustrated guide. Hercules is called by his roman name rather than his greek name heracles. What does the name fallon mean.

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