In Poptropica Mythology Island How To Get The Whisker

She is zeus s daughter and she will warn you about him. Walk to the left.

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Whisker from cerberus when you reach the outside of hades temple talk to the guy holding a pail and he will give you a drachma once you cleanse all the graffiti off the temple.

In poptropica mythology island how to get the whisker. We can t get hercules to help us yet so for now we should find the sacred items. To obtain this item you must first go to apollo s temple and get a reed pipe. You can even narrow it down by country and state and view your own ranking.

She ll let you know how you can receive her guidance by tapping on the golden olives in the trees. A whisker from cerebus the guardian of the underworld. Exit the tree area and you ll see the old lady turn into athena.

Before we get started though there s one more thing we have to collect. Mythology island is one of the few select islands to have a player map. Next head right until you reach midas s gym and talk to aphrodite to get the touchscreen mirror.

Drop back down and exit the museum the way you came in. Beat this game and she will give you a magic tune. It says whoever wields the five sacred items will rule all of poptropica.

The sacred item whisker from cerberus is one of the rare and sacred items that zeus asked you to find to save poptropica and to become immortal. When you start the island go to your left and enter the museum of olympus. Return to the base of the tree and speak to athena.

Use the song you learned to put him to sleep then get his whisker. A whisker from cerberus the guardian of the underworld. The whisker from cerberus is one of the five sacred items you must get in mythology island.

How to get it. Cross the river styx and reach the beast cerberus you will need a reed pipe flute and a song from the temple of. To do this click on a section of the temple with graffiti on it then hold your left mouse down and erase all the vandalism.

Keep going right to the grove of temples. Visit this link and you can see everyone who has ever completed mythology island in order of their completion. Then zeus appears and take the items.

Walk to your right past the first two statues then jump up to the second level and pick up the red starfish. Then talk to the muse with the pipe and she will challenge you to a memory game. How to get the sacred item whisker from cerberus go inside the temple of hades and place the pomegranates on the temple which is over to the right.

You ll need to find it to complete this quest. Use the pomegranates from the garden of the sphinx to get to the underworld. Jump up the stairs after the first statue you see.

Athena will meet you there and you will put together the secret message contained in the sacred items. Now go back to the tree of immortality.