Hardest Poptropica Islands

That stupid train robbery scene it s so freakin hard i barely completed it. Poptropica rates this island easy and it might be but it s definitely still scary and dangerous hides from the n√łkken 4.

Our Top Ten Old Poptropica Islands Play Poptropica Infoplease

I m terrible at the ones where you have to defeat a monster or something.

Hardest poptropica islands. This island is super hard. Oh my god the boss battle with mordred. While it is challenging to get a million coins it takes more time than skill.

Reply 5 on. What s your opinion of easiest to hardest levels. Posted by 1 year ago.

That s why it s at 3. The easiest island is early poptropica and shark tooth island. You need a lot of patience and free time to complete this island.

Recently i had a poll to vote for the top 5 hardest poptropica islands. Aliens frustration flying in zero gravity. It was soo hard.

But looking back on it it was an amazing experience and i ll be truly surprised and happy if poptropica ever makes an island harder and more. There are over 35 islands to explore. The poll has finally ended.

Also you can get listed by any of the other achievements. Top 5 hardest poptropica islands. Escape from pelican rock tied with virus hunter.

This island according to many people myself included is one of the hardest to complete. Hands down the hardest. The volcano rock thingy.

What could be more fun than that. Imo personal opinion i think it s either astro knights or skullduggery island. In your guy s opinion what are the hardest islands in poptropica.

This is like the mother of all islands. Poptropica islands in order of difficulty in other words. July 18 2012 05 10 14 am i use walkthrough for the game and the actual to fight the boss has 3 stages not 1 2.

What is the hardest poptropica island. 5 mythology 4 lunar colony 3 steamworks 2 skullduggery 1 astro knight these 5 islands will be added to the poptropica bragging rights page where you can have your name listed for completing any one of these island. The hardest is skullduggery island and mythology island.

I m actually not sure which one is harder than the other so i just made them a tie. Of course everyone has a different list. What is the hardest poptropica island.

Like the mother pheonix fight. I know many of you think skullduggery is the hardest of em all but i disagree. In your guy s opinion what are the hardest islands in poptropica.

The wait is over i will reveal poptropica s 10 hardest islands. I just want to create a discussion on this topic and want to hear what some of ya ll think.

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